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A winning smile can be yours thanks to Celebrate Dental & Braces.

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At Celebrate Dental & Braces, we believe that establishing open communication with your orthodontist is a pivotal part of the process. That’s why we take the time to talk to our patients extensively before beginning treatment. We want to get to know you and understand your goals and concerns so that together, we can establish a treatment plan designed to produce the results you desire.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in a comfortable, pressure-free setting. Should you decide to move forward with treatment from Celebrate Dental & Braces, you’ll get the benefit of:

Convenient office hours

Easy appointment scheduling

Flexible payment options

A caring, friendly office staff

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Dr. David Ensley, DMD, MS - Best Orthodontist in Austin, TX

Dr. David Ensley, DMD, MS Board Certified Orthodontist


Dr. Nazgol Gharbi, DDS, DPH, MPH, FICD Dentist

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A winning smile can be yours thanks to Celebrate Dental & Braces Austin